Our Vision

A catalyst for change.


Our Vision is to become a catalyst for change in South Sudan by creating sustainable projects and applying knowledge from our past works to create new initiatives that will enhance the local infrastructure and economy.

The Jebel Lado project was started by a group of philanthropic Canadians who call themselves the Canadian Economic Development Assistance for South Sudan, or CEDASS for short. With permission from President Salva Kiir, CEDASS in partnership with the local communities began to clear and farm the land in the area of Jebel Lado. Since 2006, they have provided the Jebel Lado community with food security and opportunity by offering modern economic and agricultural training and creating jobs in the community. In order to shift focus to more humanitarian-related activities such as schooling, medical services, child welfare and maternal health, CEDASS has since partnered with Israel-based 'Green Horizon' to manage the farm project. Green Horizon is ideally suited as the lead farm partner as their mission is the modernization, stabilization, and welfare of communities around the world.

A registered charity in Canada and a registered NGO in the Republic of South Sudan, CEDASS is 100% volunteer based and privately funded. Our mission is to help South Sudan create a sustainable economy through agricultural and economic training for the local people.

Jebel Lado Clinic