The Jebel Lado Clinic


The closest medical facility was located in Juba, 20 km from Jebel Lado. There is very limited access to transportation and during the rainy season, the road to the city is impassable. The community was desperate for help.

In 2017, CEDASS in partnership with Green Horizon and the state Ministry of Health opened the medical clinic at Jebel Lado, and funds 100% of its operations. The clinic employs a medical Doctor, a clinical practitioner, a nurse, a women's health practitioner, two pharmacists, 2 administrative assistants and a receptionist.

Services include vaccinations, treatment for malaria, malnutrition, gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory issues, maternal care and childbirth, midwifery, and any other service we are able to provide.

Initial operations were limited to one day a week, but very quickly demand grew so much that we had difficulty helping all that came for treatment. capacity and with such demand that we were unable to help all who came.

In January of 2018 CEDASS has extended service to 3 days per week serving over 100 patients weekly.